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Career Intuitive and Author, Sue Frederick, has been featured on more than 200 radio & TV shows, newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Fox News, Real Simple Magazine, Complete Woman Magazine and People Magazine & CNN.

Sue has been called the "Emeril of Enlightenment" and has taught at venues such as Omega Institute, The Learning Annex, Naropa University, University of Colorado, Loyola University, Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center, the American Business Women's Association and the National Career Development Association. For more info about her work visit

Watch a video of Sue giving a talk at her first book party hosted by her clients in New York City:

Sue's powerful system for helping people find their true work is now available for you to learn - for the first time ever.

She has packaged her system into a user-friendly format that anyone can learn. She will also teach you to expand and deepen your own intuitive powers.
You will launch your own career as an I See Your Dream Job Career Intuitive Coach, I See Your Soul Mate Intuitive Coach & Bridges to Heaven Grief Intuitive coach helping clients transform and heal their lives and filling your own life with success, fulfillment and abundance.

Sue Frederick
Career Intuitive & Author of I See Your Dream Job
Sue shares her experiences of growing up intuitive in her ground-breaking book I See Your Dream Job.
Today she uses her intuition and dreams as well as the ancient knowledge of numerology to guide her clients to their true work.
Trained as a traditional career counselor at the University of Missouri in the 70s, her revolutionary technique combines conventional career counseling methods with the ancient wisdom from numbers.
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